Empty Hustle

Over at his Empty Balcony, Larrick reviews American Hustle:

I never had a hard time following the plot, I just found that telling a story was this film’s secondary purpose. Showcasing
the actors was the first.
Overall I agree with Bryan’s assessment, although I don’t feel quite as strongly as he does on the miscasting of the movie:
There are some weak spots in the performances, as well. Christian Bale was miscast. His character was too dependent on hiding his face behind big glasses and ridiculous hair. I suppose it was meant as a transformation, but all it really did was remind me that, sometimes, Hollywood makes ridiculous decisions when famous people are cast to play characters based on real people. This was James Brolin as Pee-wee Herman.
If you want to see a movie where showcasing Christian Bale and Amy Adams is secondary, I recommend seeing The Fighter.
[One thing that bothered me watching the film was Bradley Cooper’s and Jennifer Lawrence’s inability to hold onto their New York accents. It reminded me of DiCaprio’s inconsistent Irish accent in Gangs of New York and his inconsistent Boston accent in The Departed. Drives me nuts.]