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Slate: Here’s Why Developers Keep Favoring Apple Over Android

This map showing the locations of 280 million individual posts on Twitter shows a depressing divide in America: Tweets coming from Manhattan tend to come from iPhones. Tweets coming from Newark, N.J., tend to come from Android phones.

If you live in the New York metro area, you don’t need to be told that Manhattan is where the region’s rich people live, and the poor live in Newark. Manhattan’s median income is $67,000 a year. Newark’s is $17,000, according to U.S. Census data.
The tech press keeps saying Apple needs to release a low-cost iPhone.
Maybe none of them know what they’re talking about.
The noise I’m referring to:
John Paczkowski: Why Build a Cheaper iPhone? Because It’s Stupid Not To.
CNet: Apple needs a low-cost iPhone, says analyst
Enough About China, Apple Also Needs A Low-Cost iPhone In The US
Cult of Mac: Why Apple Needs A Low-Cost iPhone More Than Ever
As Gruber points out, Apple has been offering low-cost iPhones for a while now.