Do You Like Me

Trent Wolbe on Fugazi’s Ian Mackaye cataloging 15 years of their music:

There is a lot to be excited about in the ways we produce and consume music in 2014, but it’s often difficult to decipher where the music ends and the contextual media structures around it begin. The best thing about Fugazi, and the live series, is that the music is always the message. There are no Facebook or Twitter logos polluting its pages; no publicist blasting emails about how Dischord is revolutionizing music; no attempt to sell to a nostalgic market. For MacKaye, it remains a matter of completing a simple task demanded by a pile of tapes that captured a small slice of American history.
I listened to a good amount of Fugazi with my friends growing up in the ’90s. I’ll have to look at this mammoth catalog.