Interesting thesis by Avram Miller on what’s going to happen in September of 2015 (via Robert Cringely):

Jobs began to realize that Google could become the next Microsoft which would have the same effect that the old Microsoft had on the pre-iPhone Apple, it would cut the company off at the knees. Jobs realized that the only way to prevent that, was to put a dagger into the very heart of Google – Search. So he started up the most secret project ever undertaken at Apple. The name of the project was “Found.” Less than four people knew about Found and not one of them was a board member. Jobs understood that Search was a very vulnerable area that had no stickiness other than possibly the brand behind it. That when users did a search, they just wanted the best results.
Google is quickly catching up to Apple in the quality of their software and product design, I’d love to see Apple catch up to Google in search (Siri is part of that).
Hey, I can dream, can’t I?