Schadenfreude, The Samsung Edition

At Gizmodo, Brent Rose reviews the Samsung Gear Fit:

The software is unforgivably bad. Tragically bad. It feels as if the Gear Fit and the S Health teams barely spoke to each other at all. Which is especially bedeviling since Samsung made the conscious choice to sell a wearable product that only works with Samsung products. At least when Apple locks you into an ecosystem, things actually (mostly) work.

The Gear Fit’s pedometer is inaccurate, the exercise app doesn’t really integrate with S Health, and the sleep data doesn’t go anywhere at all. If you’re outside you need to turn the screen up to full brightness, but it will only stay in that mode for five minutes before reverting to medium brightness. Incredibly frustrating if you’re going for a run that lasts more than five minutes. Touchscreen controls tend to be very unresponsive, too.
This is what happens when Samsung doesn’t have Apple to copy from. They produce dog shit.
Nice work, Samsung.
[schadenfreude: a feeling of enjoyment that comes from seeing or hearing about the troubles of other people]