The Verge: Beats co-founder Jimmy Iovine thinks Apple’s earbuds are bad:

Beats co-founder Jimmy Iovine isn’t a fan of Apple’s iconic white earbuds. On stage at Code Conference minutes ago, Iovine had harsh words for the pack-ins, saying that Apple — the company he will soon work for — makes them simply “to make sure the machine [iPhone] works.” But he wasn’t done there. “You listen to Apocalypse Now, and the helicopter sounds like a mosquito,” he added.
Of course Iovine thinks Apple’s earbuds suck—because they do.
Secondly, did you listen to Jimmy talk? That’s a Brooklyn accent you’re hearing, and guys from Brooklyn don’t mince fucking works. Ya undastand?
Actually, hold on, Jimmy baby. Why the fuck are you watching Apocalypse Now on your iOS device with earbuds?!
[UPDATE: Jimmy contacted me and said he only resorts to watching great films with earbuds when he’s flying back and forth between NY & LA. I guess I’ll let it slide.]