Microsoft: Self-Saboteur

Microsoft, you’re killing me. You’ve just announced what looks like a killer new tablet that you’re hyping as “the tablet that can replace your laptop.” It looks like a big improvement over the Surface 2 in just about every possible way, from the display quality to the super-thin build. But for some reason, you are still insisting on selling the keyboard cover separately for $130 a pop. To use an old science fiction cliché, this does not compute.

This bothers me for no other reason than because it seems like an assault on basic logic. You are selling a tablet that is, by your own admission, meant to be a laptop replacement. You compared it to the MacBook Air repeatedly during your presentation. And yet you’re still telling customers that having a keyboard is optional for something that’s supposed to be a laptop replacement… why?
—Brad Reed, BGR
If Microsoft opened a car dealership, they’d be selling the cars without wheels.
If Microsoft were a clothing retailer, they’d be selling shirts without buttons, and pants without zippers.
I have more, should I go on?
Seriously, Microsoft, what the fuck is wrong with you?