Apple Is Just Getting Warmed Up

While I watched Apple’s WWDC 2014 opening keynote on Monday morning, I couldn’t stop thinking about the infectious mixture of fun and confidence everyone onstage seemed to be exuding. It was something new for this era of Apple, and it felt like a mirror image of the announcements being made. The message was loud and resonant from where I sat: We’re back, we’re ready to play, and we know who we are.
—Joshua Topolsky, The Verge
I got the same feeling watching the keynote intermittently as I “worked” at my desk Monday morning. Only experience will tell if OS X and iOS 8 work as well as they looked on stage, but everything appears tighter and more consistent across both platforms.
And as the guys said on the latest episode of ATP, there wasn’t enough time to talk about all the great new features and functionality under the hood of both operating systems. In the days since the Keynote news stories continue to pop up discussing things the Apple leadership either failed to mention due to time constraints or gave only a few minutes of attention to.
Regardless of how tight the Apple ship appears to be running, we’ll continue to hear from the naysayers and clueless analysts who are still convinced Apple is lost without Steve Jobs and they’re no longer able to innovate.