You Forbes Guys Are Funny

(my emphasis)

Hats off to Apple. The markets may disagree, but WWDC 2014 was a resounding success. Its mixture of imitation and innovation plugged holes against Android and set off a new war in both wearables and smart homes via smart SDKs (software developer kits). Furthermore Apple execs seemed upbeat and relaxed, as if the company was finally comfortable in its post-Steve Jobs skin. And yet there was one major, potentially disastrous mistake.

Here’s a hint: Apple made an ad about it.

Yes – unlike owners of increasingly big Android rivals – users of iPhones can easily reach the top corners of their devices. It is convenient and, to quote the ad, “a dazzling display of common sense.” But the common sense won’t last much longer.

Everything changes with the iPhone 6. Not only because Apple is widely known to be increasing the screen size from 4 inches to 4.7 inches (a sizeable jump in its own right), but because the company is keeping the distinctive, large, circular and utterly outdated home button.
—Gordon Kelly, Forbes
So Kelly, is that your final answer? Your opinion about how Apple is shooting itself in the face is tied to the hardware home button on their iOS devices?
That is a stupid statement. Or a bold one. Maybe both. Definitely stupid.
I wonder if Gordon Kelly believes carmakers have made a disastrous mistake by keeping the distinctive, large, circular steering wheel on automobiles year after year.