Help us Kanye, you’re our only hope.

Robots aren’t going to replace designers, Kanye-fucking-West will:

Kanye West has offered to redesign Instagram, suggesting that it would be “a simple task” for him to beautify the popular photo app. Speaking at a seminar at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, West cited the success of his instagrammed wedding kiss with Kim Kardashian, which is already the most-liked photo in the history of the app.
West knows how to produce an album, I’ll give him that. But to consider the act of redesigning a mobile application ‘a simple task’ is insulting. Kanye knows the creative process well. Whether you’re creating music or creating a mobile applications, you have to gather resources, and then iterate and iterate and iterate until you achieve what you’re aiming for. Once that’s done you might even need to go back and refine and rework what you’ve made.
I think mobile applications suffer from the perception they’re “simple” and couldn’t be that hard to make because they’re (usually) simple to use, (usually) free to download and have small, cute little icons on your screen.
Custom iconography? Secure databases to store user accounts? Wireframes and user flows to map out the experience of the app? Interactions, animations and transitions? Quality assurance testing? Bug fixing? Image optimization, uploading and storage?
Now take all your requirements and multiple them by a potential install base of 100,000,000 (1/8 of the total number of iTunes accounts, I’m being nice).
Designing and building mobile applications is not a simple task.
But hey, it’s Kanye. I expect batshit crazy comments from him every now and then.

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