Apple’s desktop and mobile operating systems have been gradually converging for some time. So it was inevitable that one typographic palette would displace the other. With OS X 10.10, Mac desktops will sport Helvetica everywhere. But I had really hoped it would be the other way around, with the iPhone taking a lesson from the desktop, and adopt Lucida Grande. Check the lock screen on your iPhone. You’ll see Helvetica there, a half-inch tall or larger, and it looks good. Problem is, there aren’t many other places where it looks as good.
—Tobias Frere-Jones, Co.Design
I’m disappointed Apple is doubling down on Helvetica Neue.
Make no mistake: Helvetica is a classic, like the E-Type Jaguar. It’s a beautiful typeface, but just as many more (dare I say most) cars today handle better than the E-Type, there’s many more readable, contemporary typefaces for tablets, phones and laptops than Helvetica Neue.
This was a missed opportunity for OS X and iOS.

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