Skeuomorphism in 2014: Doing Fine, Thank You

All these assholes calling for the death of skeuomorphism and praising flat design can continue on with their pointless quest because skeuomorphism isn’t going anywhere. It’s thriving in the supposedly flat iOS 7 (and 8) and in OS X Yosemite.
The truth is we still need and like visual cues telling us certain things are clickable and other things are not. That certain things are (virtually) closer to us, and others are (virtually) farther away.
Below are Mavericks icons (left) and Yosemite icons (right):

Sure, iOS 1 through 6 might have looked a bit like a whore with the amount of skeuomorphism she wore, but she’s still wearing it in iOS 7 & 8, just this time she’s applying it sparingly. She’s started letting her natural beauty shine through in iOS 7.
*[*I say IOS 7 & 8 are “supposely flat” because they are. There are still shadows when you go back and forth between interface panes in Mail, Music and many other apps and system-level panes can be pulled in from the top and bottom of the screen, blurring the content underneath them like translucent, frosted glass. So I repeat: skeuomorphism is doing fine.]