Give It To The Algorithms

Kickstarter’s human approval process was never billed as an endorsement — it consisted of a simple check for rule violations that could take as little as five minutes. That check will now be done by an algorithm that looks at keywords in the campaign, the creator’s track record on Kickstarter, and other metrics to create a profile of the project and compare it to similar projects that have been approved, rejected, flagged, and removed. If the campaign passes the algorithmic check, the creator can choose to either launch without a human review or request feedback from the Kickstarter team.
—Adrianne Jeffries, The Verge
At what point will the algorithms be able to create new Kickstarter projects for us to then submit them for approval to the algorithms of Kickstarter?
Is there an algorithm to ship all the hardcover books from my Kickstarter project? Because that would save my ass a hell of a lot of time.