“It is not the strongest of the species that survives…”

Paul Boag on how our day-to-day jobs are soon going to be very different:

This means that those of us working in high-end agencies need to think about our long term position. The chances are we will see a growing number of agencies close their doors over the coming years. Those of us who work for those agencies may well find ourselves joining in-house teams. That or becoming much more specialised in our role.
I worked at design studios/agencies for 12 years. Last year I moved in-house as a creative director. Boag is spot-on in his predictions. I have a handful of friends who also moved from studios to companies like Facebook and Fidelity Investments. It’s happening.
On the rise as software as a service (SaaS):
Unfortunately for some, web design is no exception. There was a time when self employed web designers could produce cheap websites from home and make a reasonable income. Today that is becoming hard with services like Squarespace allowing people to build their own website.
I’m a web designer and when people come to me with freelance opportunities to make website, I constantly refer them to Squarespace. Why? It’s just too damn good (I use Squarespace for my own portfolio site).
Boag’s post is short, but it’s a must-read if you’re in the tech/design world.