“…a company that wants to change, but can’t.”

MG Siegler on Microsoft and Windows 10:

Such a strange, yet predictable response to Windows 8 by Microsoft. Windows 7 was the de-Vista-ing of Windows. A return to Windows XP. Windows 10 is the de-8-ing of Windows. A return to WIndows 7.

How many development years has Microsoft collectively wasted on these OS boondoggles? It’s the epitome of a company that wants to change, but can’t.
Windows Phone and Windows 8 are really, really trying to be fun and useful and everything they need to be, but they’re having a bitch of a time.
Getting rid of Ballmer isn’t going to be a band-aid on everything.
In the same way that there’s an underlying culture keeping Apple on track well after Steve Jobs has died, so too does Microsoft have an underlying culture holding them back from making great software that doesn’t have a ton of baggage.