Kindle Voyage

It seems Amazon wants to blanket the world in cheap Kindles, not great Kindles. Not surprising.
Marco Arment on the Kindle Voyage:

And this crisp, new, high-resolution screen is still displaying justified text with very few, mostly bad font choices. Some of these choices, like the default PMN Caecilia font, made sense on the old, low-resolution Kindle screens but need to be reconsidered for this decade. Some of them, like forced justification and forced publisher font overrides, have always been bad ideas.

But Amazon doesn’t care. Nothing about the Voyage’s software feels modern, or even maintained. It feels like it has a staff of one person who’s only allowed to work on it for a few weeks each year.
If you’re making devices to read books on and you don’t give a shit about typography and readability, then what do you care about?
It’s like a car maker not caring that their tires are lopsided and their seats have no cushions.
Oh, and Bryan is still waiting for page scrolling on the Kindle app for iOS.