A Lot of Fumes in 2014

In 2014 I published 25 episodes of my podcast—Weekly Exhaust—with the help of my friend and grump-ass co-host, Bryan Larrick. Sure it’s just 2 guys in their late 30s yapping about bullshit, but there was also a lot of editing, promoting, tweeting and writing involved with WE when each episode got pushed to iTunes. I’ve loved Howard Stern since high school but now I have a new respect for him. Talking for one hour isn’t easy, I can’t imagine four.
Thanks Bryan and thanks to our 150+ monthly subscribers.
Life is all about perseverance. If you spend a long enough time pretending to be the thing you want to be, you eventually become it (otherwise known as faking it until you make it).
We might eventually become a real talk show, but until then…
Well, until then you can give us a listen and if you like Weekly Exhaust, you should rate us on iTunes.
Until we get a sponsor, I’ll like to plug Bryan’s novel, Impact Winter, which I read and really liked. You can grab it for $3.99 on Amazon.