Sell More Ads, Don

The Gothamist says data provided to them by Trulia determined Don Draper couldn’t afford his Manhattan apartment in 2015:

  • With Don’s title as Creative Director and Junior Partner it is estimated that he made around $45,000 in the 1960s
  • In 2015, that has a buying power of $355,297
  • Median home values in New York in the ’60s were $75,000, which is pretty good if he was making $45k a year
  • Today, a Creative Director in New York City makes an average of $154,838+ a year [ed. note: Don was also a founding partner]
  • Today, places in Don and Megan’s Park Ave. apartment are going for a cool $16.5 Million

There are lots of fun nit-pickers in the comments too.