Robots Will Absolutely Drink All of Our Milkshakes

NYTimes: New Research Says Robots Are Unlikely to Eat Our Jobs:

The McKinsey study analyzes and forecasts the potential impact of so-called digital talent platforms. The report looks at three types of such platforms: job-finding and employee-seeking websites (such as and LinkedIn); marketplaces for services (Uber and Upwork, for example); and data-driven talent discovery tools (like Evolv and Knack).

By 2025, McKinsey estimates, these digital talent platforms could add $2.7 trillion a year to global gross domestic product, which would be the equivalent of adding another Britain to the world economy. And the digital tools, the report states, could benefit as many as 540 million people in various ways, including better matches of their skills with jobs, higher wages and shorter stints of unemployment.


I was going to say ‘read between the lines’, but you don’t even need to.

This article is highlighting the macro-economic benefits to companies, not how much people are likely to make (or not make).

I’d like to invite any of the heads of these companies to see how much they can make on these marketplace and talent discovery websites where it’s usually a race to the bottom. Who can do my job the cheapest? Any takers?!