Pure Wisdom from Mossberg

Walt Mossberg:

I think it’s time for Google to start making its own hardware, at least for smartphones, and at least for the Nexus line and for a class of low-priced phones aimed at developing markets.

Yes, I know that Google briefly owned, and then sold, an entire phone manufacturer, Motorola. Yes, I know that Google has dabbled in hardware with products like the Chromecast and the Chromebook Pixel, and had to kill another internal hardware venture, a home media player called the Q.

But it’s perfectly possible for a company with Google’s clout and resources to hire more hardware engineers and designers, create unique devices, and outsource its manufacturing.

Really, Walt? Fucking brilliant. How did you possibly come up with this idea?

So original.

Update: I’m not saying Walt Mossberg got his idea from Tim Bajarin, or anyone else. I’m saying the idea of a software company making it’s own hardware (or vice versa), is not a new or insightful idea. It’s obvious because we see it working so amazingly with Apple.

Hindsight is 20/20.