Today I’m 30

I was born on this day 30 years ago. My sister called me today to wish me a happy birthday and to call me Old Man River. To tell you the truth, it feels great to be 30 and I wouldn’t trade it to be any younger. I make more money, have more knowledge and have a clearer picture of the things I want to accomplish in life. Things have just begun.

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New In An Old Way

Pardon the mismatched appearance of the site, I’m retro-fitting a retro design onto the page templates in Movable Type. Eventually everything will be just as golly-gee-swell as the homepage.

Dreamhost Downtime

Based on my Mint statistics from yesterday, my site was down for about 6 hours. Other people I know on Dreamhost accounts were not effected, but I was, and so were all my clients. Not too cool. This has been a rough year with Dreamhost, since last summer’s black out in LA which brought Dreamhost down for at least a week.

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Free Entertainment For Your iPod

Maybe you’re one of those people who is still not down with DRM and won’t buy encrypted content from iTunes or you might be the type who won’t buy digital music & videos – period. It’s all good. iTunes still has content for you, tons – and it’s all free.
I’ll admit I was a little late to discovering all the great, free content iTunes has, but now that I have, my morning subway commute is so much better (and I think I might be a little smarter too).
Most of the free content I speak about comes in the form of video and audio podcasts. The great thing about podcasts is that they automatically sync with your computer and iPod everytime you launch iTunes (and plug in your iPod).
Below are my favorite podcasts to listen to and watch. Don’t be scared off if these selections don’t match with yours. I guarantee if you do some exploring, you’ll find things you like.
TEDTalks (video) –
Cool Hunting Video (video) –
Ask a Ninja (video) –
The Show with ZeFrank (video) –
New York Times Video – Technology | David Pogue (video) –
NPR: Fresh Air (audio) –