Postmodern Video

I love the pop culture obsessed world we live in. Any time a celebrity buys a cookie or picks their nose, the media has to report on it.
Well, CNN was not able to be in the crowd for a Beyonce concert when she took a spill on the stage. What they were able to do was make a video of a YouTube video of the occurrence .
I like how mainstream, “professional” news organizations feel the need to recycle shitty, meaningless news on pop culture taken by 13 year olds in the audience of a lip synced concert.
I think I’ll pull out my camera and make a video of the CNN video of the YouTube video. It can be like a big mixed-media art project. Then I’ll upload it to Brightcove and embed it on my blog. Yeah! BEAT THAT!
On a sidenote, I noticed that this video was removed from YouTube. So how does CNN come into the picture regarding copyright violations, if any? Is their video-of-a-video in violation?
Do I really care about any of this?