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Coded Messages

Interesting question/answer I found on Quora. Why did Donald Trump use the Star of David in his tweet about Hillary Clinton being corrupt?: This is called a dogwhistle. A literal dogwhistle is a sound dogs can hear but humans can’t. A metaphorical dogwhistle is a coded message that one part of the audience understands and […]

Your Post as a Movie Poster

I’m a big fan of making up projects for yourself if you’re in need of portfolio pieces but have any work or clients (I don’t recommend you work for free, but creativity is a muscle that needs regular exercise). A great example is this subreddit: Your_Post_As_A_Movie via design you trust

Candy and Cynthia

News came yesterday that Playboy with no longer be publishing nude photos of women in their magazine. As a tribute, I’d like to share my two favorite Playmates (NSFW): First is the January 1979 Playmate (and also 25th Anniversary Playmate), Candy Loving. Second is the December 1968 Playmate, Cynthia Myers.