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Devils on Both Sides

This year, Time Magazine named Donald Trump ‘Person of the Year.’ It sounds pretty congradulatory until you spot the clever placement of Donald Trump’s Cheetoh head so the negative spaces around the ‘M’ in ‘TIME’ look like horns on his head: This isn’t the first time this has been done. Nope, Time gave Bill Clinton […]

Book Covers

Over at The New York Times, Matt Dorfman shares his 12 favorite book covers from 2015 that made him, “stop, stare and ask aloud to no one in particular what the cover means, only to turn to the first page and then the following and then the one after that and onward.”

Sagmeister Strikes Back

“The history of the album cover is so much richer and so superior to the history of the film poster,” Sagmeister told Dezeen. “The average film poster basically takes its strengths from being attached to some cultural phenomenon.” “People like the Star Wars poster because they like the film,” he continued. “But the poster itself […]


Centered type. Likely set in Futura Bold. A logo with two long forms crossing each other like an “X”, usually with four distinct icons in each of the four quadrants. An emphasis on authencity and materials in the rich, photographic backdrop of the website. We’ve all seen this vernacular in graphic design over the last […]

Work & Co.

Fresh site from Work & Co. In a sea of cookie-cutter, trend-following portfolio/agency sites, this shows there’s nothing stopping companies from making great ones.

Apple Consistency

The other day BGR posted this animated GIF of Apple’s website from the late ’90s (based on my digging on, I’d say 1998): This is what they said (my emphasis): Apple has come a long way since the dark days of the mid-’90s, when it very nearly went bankrupt. And if you want to […]

Observer of Bad Design

The redesign of Design Observer is truly a missed opportunity. As with anything design-related, the problems are all in little details. Here’s a list of problems that caught my eye (top to bottom, left to right): – Is the black tray at the top necessary for 2 measly links? Seems a bit much. – The […]