Coded Messages

Interesting question/answer I found on Quora.

Why did Donald Trump use the Star of David in his tweet about Hillary Clinton being corrupt?:

This is called a dogwhistle. A literal dogwhistle is a sound dogs can hear but humans can’t. A metaphorical dogwhistle is a coded message that one part of the audience understands and others do not. Or, as is more common in politics, everyone understands but some people can claim some shred of plausible deniability that it wasn’t meant that way.

Everyone on Donald Trump’s campaign knows that the six-pointed star is associated with Judaism.

This is the first time I’ve heard the term ‘dogwhistle’ used in this context.

I’m a sucker for great metaphors.



Find the Women

After discovering four sets of slide film transparencies sitting in a box of old vintage photographs at a local thrift store, Richmond, Va.-based photographer Meagan Abell is on a mission to find the original photographer and mysterious subjects. Fascinated by the medium format slides, which she guessed were taken in the ‘40s or ‘50s, Abell took them home.

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