William Gibson

Abraham Riesman interviewed William Gibson for Vulture and they talked about dystopias:

How do you account for the recent surge in popular fiction about the collapse of civilization into dystopia or Armageddon?

This could be a case of consumers of a particular kind of pop culture trying to tell us something, alas. Seriously, what I find far more ominous is how seldom, today, we see the phrase “the 22nd century.” Almost never. Compare this with the frequency with which the 21st century was evoked in popular culture during, say, the 1920s.

Do you mean it’s ominous because people are so pessimistic that they can’t even imagine a future?

Well, that’s the question — why don’t we? I don’t know.

Gibson, along with Michael St. John Smith, released a new graphic novel on November 1st called Archangel. It’s illustrated by Butch Guice,‎ Alejandro Barrionuevo,‎ and Wagner Reis.

UPDATE: The reviews on Goodreads seem polarized between people who really liked the book and people who hated it.