3G for the iPhone – Truly Urgent?

Nope. It’s not.
I’m still planning to retire my wonderful Treo 650 this Christmas and replace it with a new 8GB iPhone. That is, an iPhone with EDGE-speed internet. The reason I’m perfectly fine with this (and I’m sure most iPhone owners are) is because an iPhone can’t (yet) exploit the benefits of a 3G network.
I know that when I get to work at Schematic, I have access to our wifi network, and I know when I go home at night, I have access to my wifi network there too. No need to deal with EDGE.
And the iPhone doesn’t (yet) have the Adobe Flash plug-in so I can’t visit high bandwidth Flash sites that require a fast internet connection.
And you can’t downloading huge files or applications (without hacks).
So yeah, EDGE sucks for speed, but the iPhone can wait for 3G.