Some People Prefer Analog

I have a client that has never seen the website I designed for her.
I launched the site 6 years ago.
Correction – She saw it once when I burned her a CD-ROM of it so she could view it on her laptop.
She doesn’t have Internet at her business or home but understands (now more than ever) the value of an informative web prescence. Over the years she has invested money in CitySearch and has become fanatical about her keywords and description. Street traffic in her neighborhood in Manhattan has dropped significantly over the years, being replaced by digital street traffic on Google.
This past weekend I shot some new images for her website.
Along with the image updates, she also wanted to review all the pages so she can edit the copy.
She asked that I send her printouts via postal mail.
It’s so archane, but I actually got a little excited folding up the printouts, sealing them in their envelope and dropping them in the mail.
It was a combination of feeling like I was getting punk’d and being involved in some weird art experiment.