It’s worth it.

I shoot photography because I love it. I think if I wasn’t an art director, my second career choice would be photographer.
Like any activity, photography takes practice. Many of my shots are not winners. That’s not to say that I snap away recklessly and hope for the best, but there’s definitely a level of experimentation I engage in.
A good part about this experimentation is due to the fact that for a while now, I shoot a lot of photos with my camera hanging around neck at around stomach-level. This lets me grab shots of people relaxed.
Many people are much more on guard when you’re aiming at them. Much like aiming a weapon, aiming a camera at someone without permission is threatening. With the camera at ease, I don’t have to worry about this. I get the shots I want. Well, I try my best to get the shots I think I’m getting from my waist.
Shooting like this sometimes results in some unexpected money shots, but many times they end up less-than-ideal. Underexposed, overexposed, out of focus.
Every now and then though, when the rare elements of photography are in alignment, I capture some great little moments. It makes all those duds worth it.
photo: In the ray
In the Ray, from the set 3.15.2008