Not part of the equation

After yesterday’s post on the great ad-blocking Firefox plug-in, AdBlock, I kept thinking about advertising.
We’ll always have advertising in one form or another. To get interpretive for a moment, we all engage in advertising, when we get dressed to go on a date, or an interview – you’re selling yourself.
Anyway, I was thinking about how banner ads on websites suck so bad and I realized something that is very comparable – Green Peace sidewalk solicitors.
If you live in a big city like New York you know who these people are. I’ve even seen them outside large department stores in suburbs throughout the country.
The reason banner ads are like Green Peace solicitors is because both of them distract you from your objective. Many of you are conditioned to block out both of these distractions and continue on with your objective, but regardless if you do or don’t have this ability, they’re annoying as hell.
We’re already seeing advertising changing from distractions, to destinations – advertising experiences that people choose to view.
I’ll leave this idea for another post.