Focused needs Unfocused

Just read a good post by Seth Godin about traffic hitting your website.

This is a truth of the Internet: When traffic comes to your site without focused intent, it bounces.
75% of all unfocused visitors leave within three seconds.
Any site, anywhere, anytime. 75% bounce rate within three seconds.

His point is that it’s not important how many hits your site gets but how engaged your readers are. I agree. Quality over quantity. Got it.
Unless you are Digg, where these one-hit-wonder links are at the core of it’s business strategy. They could also have deep and engaging links in there too, but it doesn’t really matter to Digg. Digg feeds on links, links of all kinds.
Digg takes these fleeting links to the extreme by providing data visualization tools in Digg Labs.
Digg makes the unfocused its focus.
Yin needs Yang.
You get the idea.
screengrab: Digg Stack
screengrab: Digg BigSpy
screengrab: Digg Arc