iPhone app – Pano

Pano is one of my new favorite iPhone apps. It’s super-easy to use and does a great job of stitching together all your shots, although a steady hand and far away subject matter definitely help.
As great as the app is, it still has room for improvement on the user interface. Like when you want to switch from portrait mode to landscape, you need to hit ‘Cancel’. Huh? The ‘Cancel’ button is actually the default button through the application experience.
After you’ve taken your photo series and need Pano to stitch them together, you hit ‘Cancel’ to bring up the options to: ‘Start Over’, ‘Make my panorama now!’, or ‘Resume shooting’. It makes no sense. There’s other options for button labeling to make the process less confusing, as well as plenty of real estate on the bottom nav bar if additional buttons were necessary (but I don’t think they are). Hell, even changing the button to read ‘Options’ would help out.
Here’s some shots I took up at the reservoir at Central Park today:
Pano for iPhone