NYT: Microsoft Is Losing Fight for Consumers

via the NYTimes.com:

The underlying problem, Mr. Anderson said, is cultural. “Phones are consumer items, and Microsoft doesn’t have consumer DNA,” he said.

Microsoft, surrender the whole battle for the consumer markets.
Lose the Silverlight, you don’t know how to make emotional experiences. Put that Surface table out on the curb for recycling to pick up. The XBox? Leave the gaming to Apple, Sony and Nintendo. Expression Studio – no, Adobe has the Creative Suite covered. The Zune? Apple has had that covered for a long time, you can trade that in too.
Stick to beige PCs and speadsheets and email programs. Oh, and that Solitaire game my father loves to play, did you make that? That’s a good one. Stick to software – although I do admit I like some of your mice and keyboards, but you don’t make much in profits on those, so drop em.
Oh yeah, Exchange Server – you seem to have a stronghold on corporate email, hold onto that, but stay away from the ‘cloud’. Clouds are pretty high up, and you might get a nose bleed, Google is much better with clouds.