John Paczkowski from All Things Digital:

The first analysts’ notes on Apple’s new iPhone 4 have begun rolling in and they sound a common theme: While not the revelation it might have been (for obvious reasons), the device may well be, as Steve Jobs claimed Monday, “the biggest leap since the original iPhone.”

There’s two things that keep popping in my head when I read posted like this.
First – fuck analysts. They produce nothing real and nothing of real value. They shit out guesses on what they think will do well in the market and what won’t. If all the analysts in the world disappeared tomorrow, things would be much better. I could give a shit if it’s not the “revelation” they wanted.
And second, to quote Louis CK, everything’s amazing and nobody’s happy. Whether you’re talking about the new iPhone 4, or hybrid cars or new vaccines and treatments for medical conditions, I constantly come across people who are underwhelmed. It’s unfortunate, because we really are living in amazing times.