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Android – Free by Design

TechCrunch: Android In-App Payments Coming Soon — Were Delayed Because Developers Were Busy I don’t buy that excuse. This comment by “MegaBert” sums it up nicely: Google has conditioned its entire end user base that anything on the internet is free: email, Office-like applications, maps, operating systems, storage for video and photo– basically anything with […]

There might be an app for everything, but there’s also a theorem for everything, like the infinite monkey theorem: The infinite monkey theorem states that a monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter keyboard for an infinite amount of time will almost surely type a given text, such as the complete works of William […]

A Great Business Plan

Via Electronista: Acer is hoping to preserve its netbook sales by counting on other companies failing first, the company’s Taiwan president Scott Lin said on Monday. As competitors drop out this year, its netbook shipments might actually go up and fill the vacuum. Lin argued to Digitimes that the netbook market was stable at over […]


My brother was awesome and brought me back some Nicaraguan currency from his surfing expedition: I love the colors and transparent watermark. Thanks bro!

improving through increments

Paul Thurrott: Software updates: Windows Phone vs. iPhone (via Daring Fireball) Of course, it didn’t stop there. Apple delivered iPhone 1.1.2 in November 2007, and iPhone 1.1.3 in January 2008. The sheer pace of improvement and innovation there is stunning in retrospect. And it makes what Microsoft has done in a similar time frame–i.e. absolutely […]

The Tumbler

I didn’t realize how real the Tumbler was: How Stuff Works tells us the film’s makers “manufactured four complete, street-ready race cars,” which use an actual 5.7-liter Chevy V-8 engine. “This engine has been tuned so that it can provide the power necessary to take a 5,000-pound vehicle from zero to 60 mph in 5 […]

We Got Apps

Stinky: We got a new bar, little fireplace, menu, apps. Tommy: Apps? Stinky: Yeah. Appetizers. We got apps. Tommy: He’s the proprietor. He’s got the lingo down. –from Beautiful Girls (1996) Language is powerful. People who know this choose their words carefully. People who are smart not only choose their words carefully, but change the […]

haste makes waste

Electronista: ASUS tablets already delayed, may not get Android 3.0 ASUS’ Eee Pads and Eee Slates using Android have not only been delayed but might ship without Android 3.0, company marketing specialist John Swatton said Wednesday. The announcements, which mentioned a spring shipping window and the new OS across the board, were a “mistake,” he […]

gadgets and their worth

A great visualization from the Washington Post on the price and popularity of gadgets over the course of their lives. Keep in mind, even though it’s a race to the bottom with Android phones, it’s just the price of the phone for the buyer, and doesn’t factor in the cost of cellular data plans. via […]

your platform

Great piece by Randy Murray on taking your blog seriously: But it only does these things because I take it seriously. This blog is a part of my job. I spend several hours every week writing and rewriting articles and I spend time every day responding to readers via email, in the comments on this […]

budget magic

I’m still backlogged (back-blogged?) with content I’ve been meaning to post since last month, like this piece by Paul Krugman at the NYTimes: Hypocrisy never goes out of style, but, even so, 2010 was something special. For it was the year of budget doubletalk – the year of arsonists posing as firemen, of people railing […]

less innovation

Allison Arieff at frog design interviewed Steven M. Johnson (not to be confused with the other smart Steven Berlin Johnson who wrote Where Good Ideas Come From). He talks about his crazy ideas, his time at Honda R&D and what innovation means to him: Innovation seems to be a modern habit that cannot be halted; […]