I’ve started a new project and output of this project will be showcased on new website – Tangled Web of Vice. Simply put – I’ve superimposed quotes from Mad Men episodes on top of screen grabs from the scene I’ve pulled the quote from.
Making these quote-graphics wasn’t my original goal. It started out as an exercise to improve my penmanship after reading this depressing article in the New York Times. So I decided to practice my writing skills in my moleskin notebook, but I needed something to write. I wasn’t interested in starting a diary or journal (that’s what this site is for, sort of) and since the new season of Mad Men won’t start until 2012, I decided to start watching all my DVD sets and write down lines I like:
Once I had dozens of these quotes written down (and I started to feel a little better about my penmanship) I started reading them over and realized they would make great little graphic pieces:
Something about the simplicity really appealed to me.
From here, I thought I’d see what adding a screen grab from the show would do it:
The words had impact on their own, but adding a screen grab behind them gave the piece emotion and context. I also crop the images individually – they’re not all dropped in at full frame. The crop amps of the level of impact and emotion.
I’ve started arbitrarily with Season 2 of Mad Men, and I’m going to continue to create these in no particular order. It will be my daily graphics exercise.