The Computer for the Professional


The 8813 was built with you, the professional, in mind. It quickly and easily processes cost estimates, payrolls, accounts, inventory, patient/client records and much more. You can write reports, briefs, and proposals on the 8813′s typewriter keyboard, see them on the video screen, and instantly correct, revise, or print them.

Using the 8813, one person can process what would normally require many secretaries, several bookkeepers, and a great deal of time. And data storage takes a small fraction of the space used by previous methods.

You don’t need to learn complicated computer languages. The 8813 understands commands in English. If you want to write your own programs, the 8813 includes a simple computer language, BASIC, that you can master in a few days. The 8813 slashes the professional’s overhead. It’s a powerful time and money-saving ally. Prices for complete systems including printer start at less than $8,000.

via Modern Mechanix