Not Easy To Be Green

From Ars Technica:

As part of iFixit’s ritualistic dismemberment of the third-generation iPad, the team discovered that, like its predecessor, the device is not only made up almost entirely of its battery: it’s also difficult to repair and to recycle. Though Apple’s engineering and design teams have created a thin and seamless device, their reliance on glue and difficult-to-separate components belies Apple’s goal of creating “green” products.

Apple is the big dog now. This can be hard for people to understand who have used Apple products for more than 5 years. I know it is for me. They walk the straight line of a paradox as both David and Goliath in my brain.
But now that they are #1, they’re going to be under the microscope. Every move they make will continue to be scrutinized, be it greenness of their products, or the conditions of the factories where their products are built.
It’s easy to point fingers at all their competitors and how much less they might doing to to be green or observe workers’ rights, but it’s more important to focus on holding Apple accountable for their decisions.
If they’ve shown us anything in the last 10+ years, it’s that they can achieve anything they set out to do. especially in the face of naysayers.