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Microsoft, enough with the Surface bullshit.

A top Microsoft exec says the idea it will kill its Surface gadget business is ‘so far from the truth’: To the guy that heads up Microsoft’s Surface products, the idea that the company is going to kill off its line of computers and tablets is laughable. “It’s so far from the truth,” Panos Panay, […]

Microsoft Surface Studio

Microsoft Surface Studio review: a beautiful invader of Apple’s base: It’s an engineering marvel of a monitor, but I really wish Microsoft sold it separately. I want to dock my Surface Book to it, or transform any laptop into a full Surface Studio. If I’m investing in a desktop PC at this kind of price […]

The 20-Inch-by-24-Inch Polaroid Camera

Chuck Close comments on the end of the 20-inch-by-24-inch Polaroid camera: Like other artists he knows who have used the camera, he said, its attraction is not just in its size and endearingly oddball personality, like a creature from an obsessive hobbyist’s garage. The immediacy of making the picture, Mr. Close said, changes the relationship […]

“A paper notebook is a walled garden”

No shit, the original Moleskin launched in 1997? The Moleskine notebook emerged at a moment when it looked increasingly like the long-promised “paperless office” would become a reality, with technologies like word-processing software, the Internet, laptops, handheld devices, and other innovations rendering printed matter obsolete. The original Moleskine journal was launched in Milan, in 1997, […]

A Material World

From the NYTimes: Robin Williams’s Widow and Children Tangle Over Estate: Nearly six months after the death of Robin Williams, the Academy Award-winning actor and comedian, his widow and his children have become engaged in a contentious legal dispute over his estate. Court documents filed in December and January outline a bitter disagreement over money […]

Don’t Cover It Up

Craig Mod on the iPhone 6: Our grandfathers sacrificed their lives in world wars, lost limbs, left widows alone at home to raise children on their own, leveled communism, fought bravely for our free market, allowed us to elect a black president, and, perhaps most importantly of all, enabled us to focus on producing premium […]

The Most Critical Component

There will be no price umbrellas because the practical price of the watch will vary based on the band you buy. True, we have barely any pricing information (starts at $350!), but I’m making an assumption: the most expensive bands will cost at least as much as the watch itself while the base bands (likely […]

He said, “A DOS machine”

“I actually have two computers: I have the computer that I browse the Internet with that I get my email on, that I do my taxes on,” he said, trailing off. “And then I have my writing computer, which is a DOS machine not connected to the Internet.” —George R.R. Martin, creator of Game of […]

Ink & Paper

Despite the amazing weather in San Francisco this past weekend, I spent most of my time in the studio making posters for my Kickstarter backers. I’m not complaining, it was fun. [A version of this post original appeared on The Combustion Chamber]