Over at Grantland, Andy Greenwald gives his review of Mad Men’s “bleak” fifth season:

All told, it was a dreamy, dispiriting season of Mad Men, one that muddied everything that crossed its path, from lecherous Jaguar executives to the previously squeaky fan fiction of Ken “Dave Algonquin” Cosgrove. Unlike years past, there were no fleeting splashes of California sunshine. The dominant sensation was one of menace: murderers on the loose, bodies under the bed, a car crash — or a driver as bad as Pete Campbell — lurking around every corner. Even sex got sticky, with chewing gum on the pubis evidence of the high price of bad business.

I agree with Greenwald. While this season had some moments, overall I was disappointed.
Everyone has their favorite characters and settings of the show. For me all they need to to is have more scenes with Roger and Don and focus less on the home life drama no one cares about. Pete’s affair? Megan’s auditions? No thanks. More agency life, more pitches. More creative struggle and creative success. There was a lot of angst and frustration and not much got accomplished.