East Coast Bits

I traveled back to Manhattan for work for the first time since my wife and I moved out to Los Angeles in April. It felt great to be back. I started going into the city when I was a little kid to visit my grandma in Queens. I’ll always have a soft spot for New York.

Here are 5 highlights from my trip:

1. Taking pictures out the window on a plane will always keep me entertained.


2. The Jane Hotel has the most awesome, train car style, Sherlock-Holmes-will-come-busting-in-any-moment rooms to stay in, and they only cost $135 per night. How much time do I spend in my hotel room on business trips? This is perfect.


3. I miss the view from my old desk.


4. Some people still wear watches that need to be wound when you change time zones.


5. My parents have black bears who regularly visit their house in New Jersey—and leave Sasquatch-looking prints on the driveway.