Paring Back

The recent uproar over Instagram’s terms of service changes got me thinking about paring back where I post my content around the web. I’m not upset about the direction Instagram is going. Maybe a little upset, but they are a company who offers a mobile photo sharing application for free, so this move should be obvious in heinsight, if it wasn’t already obvious in foresight. Remembering they’re owned by Facebook makes this advertising integration even more obvious.

It would be great if Instagram offered a version of their service I could pay for and avoid my images (potentially) being integrated into advertisements. This isn’t happening so I’ve stop posting photos to Instagram. For now.

I might go back to Flickr, but coincidentally I cancelled my Pro Account this past summer because Yahoo has neglected Flickr since they bought it in 2005. Very little has changed or improved upon. People are expecting great things from Yahoo’s new CEO, Marissa Mayer. We’ll see. Maybe she can return Flickr to glory and make it feel relevant again.

So, for now, I’m paring back my usage of other web services.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to create and post content on sites I control: Daily Exhaust & The Combustion Chamber.