Entertainment on Blackberries?

BGR on RIM’s new Blackberry World:

Not only will Research in Motion’s (RIMM) BlackBerry World include more than 70,000 BlackBerry 10 apps, the storefront will also offer “one of the most robust music and video catalogs in mobile today.”
“Blackberry World”? It doesn’t say entertainment to me.
Product branding and how the public perceives it are extremely important to success.
Associating the business-related Blackberry brand with consumer-related music and movies just doesn’t sound like a winning recipe.
RIM holding on to the Blackberry brand, regardless of context, feels a lot like Microsoft holding onto the Windows brand, regardless of how many (or little) actual windows exist in their newest operating system*.
*In his review of Windows 8, Jakob Neilsen comments that they should have renamed it Microsoft Window given “the main UI restricts users to a single window”.