Here’s An Idea

Stephanie Smith, writing for NBC affiliate KXAN in Austin, Texas on a scan that may detect brain disease in the brains of NFL players:

An insidious, microscopic protein that has been found in the brain tissue of professional football players after death may now be detectable in living people by scanning their brains.

Researchers say they found tau protein in the brains of five living retired National Football League players with varying levels of cognitive and emotional problems.
Research like this is great and should continue, but I have a better idea.
How about dudes stop running full speed at each other and smashing their heads together?
It might, just might, get rid of that pesky, “insidious, microscopic protein.”
Call me crazy.
Thought: I’d be interested to see if anyone has compared the condition of brains between NFL players in the United States and brains of rugby and Gaelic football players. Given the latter two don’t wear helmets during game play my guess is they’re much less likely to smash their heads into others’ and thus be less likely to get brain disease later in life.