In Some Sense

I think many people feel this way about their own cities, but after living in Los Angeles for a year, I feel more truth to Updike’s quote.
My wife and I have had a great year living in LA, but it is a seriously flawed city, but one with great potential. If you happen to live in a part of LA that doesn’t require extensive use of your car or commuting, you’ve got a great deal. Don’t let it go.
There’s tons of great neighborhoods and culture and food and music here. And the weather. Jesus.
If they could drop in a transit system, this place would be more golden than the sun that shines down every single day.
I lived in NYC for 12 years. I’m a walkabout type of guy. I expect to be able to get around town by foot and subway/bus. Maybe these are unreasonable expectations for Los Angeles. Doesn’t mean it’s not possible.
This is all moot anyway as my wife and I are moving to San Francisco in 2 days.
San Francisco isn’t New York, but I know it well. It is a great city.