A Public Service

You’ve probably been thinking lately, “Gee, I wonder how that Schwarzenegger movie The Last Stand was?”
Fear not, because contributing DE writer Bryan Larrick is on the job:

Going in to The Last Stand, a viewer could expect the film to be a throwback to Arnold’s work from thirty years ago, and while it is an action flick, it’s clearly from this era. It brings the stupid from today’s Hollywood, not last century’s. I don’t know the origins of the plot or when Arnold was engaged as the star, nor am I going to bother to research that, but this film looks like it was cobbled together in about five minutes from the leftover bucket of clich├ęs out back of the Lionsgate offices. Nail some simple story arcs and characters together, sprinkle in some gunfights, and finally, add a bankable star. Hmm, it’s still a little thin in the taste test. Maybe a pinch of comic relief (Johnny Knoxville) will give this flick the flavor it needs. Shake, stir, bake for 107 minutes on high, and there it is, The Last Stand.
It’s quite a public service Bryan does with these shitty movie reviews.