Advice for Clients

Mobile is ubiquitous. As such, every website needs a mobile version. It just makes sense (except over at my site; we’re keeping things REAL). But, mobile websites don’t just fall from the sky. They need to be designed and developed with the same amount of care as a site made for desktop browsers. So, for all you small business people who are planning on hiring some people to design and build a site: If you want a mobile version, mention it in advance. Bringing up the subject at the end of a project, and expecting it to have been part of the package, is not going to do much to foster good relationships with your contractors.
If there has been no mobile design that you saw or approved of, there will be no mobile site. If there is no quote for a mobile version in the estimate, there will be no mobile site. And most importantly, if you do not ask for a mobile version of the site, you will not get one. Someday soon, it will not need to be said that a mobile version is required (it will still have to be paid for), but that day is not here yet.