Dinner Parties, Landscaping & Sewing

If anything is true in this world, it’s that there’s a market for anything. Anything.
Take this recently-funded Kickstarter project, Ever, Jane, “a virtual world that allows people to role-play in Regency Period England.” The goal was $100,000, they hit $109,563.
Judy L. Tyrer, the creator, explains in her video the players need more to do in the game than “just gossip.”:

“So we’ve planned a series of mini-games: Dinner parties, balls, estate management [!], landscaping [!!], sewing, embroidering, card games, farming, hunting, fishing…”
This sounds like the most boring game ever conceived. I’m not hating on this project by any means—ok, I am—I’m just in shock. I love video games, I’ve never been a fan of MMORPGs. I probably shouldn’t knock it until I try it.
According to the FAQ, Ms. Tyrer is keeping the ‘legal distinctions’ between men and women consistent with the time period. The FAQ also mentions the game, “will provide historically accurate racial diversity.” I guess if we have video games glorifying stealing cars, we can have a game where the white people are the ruling class, women are inferior and you can diving into mini-games of embroidering.
If we’re making video game worlds based on classic literature, can I request an MMORPG of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road? A game where I can speed across the country, get loaded with my writer friends, go to parties, meet girls, run from the law, hang out in Greenwich Village and sleep on peoples’ couches?
Update: It looks like someone has made one of the most boring games ever, Waiting In Line 3D