Becoming More Jaded Every Day

I caught this commercial during Meet the Press the other day. It’s hilarious. I feel like the tagline should have gone something like, “Being investigated for securities fraud? BDO.”
Or, “Whistleblower exposed your Ponzi scheme? BDO.”
How about this one? “Contributed to the collapse of the global economy while awarding yourself and other executives billions of dollars in bonuses every year? BDO.”
But why stop there? I’m sure BDO could help with other problems that corporate giants may face. “Caused environmental devastation that was picked up by the national press? BDO.”
Ooh, here’s another good one. “Hid the devastating side effects of a drug produced by your company? BDO.”
Seeing commercials tailored to the one percent is nothing new during news programs. But this is the first commercial I’ve ever seen that had the words ‘allegations’ and ‘violations’ in its script. This truly is a precious moment in American culture. Corporate malfeasance has become such a growth industry that BDO can advertise. This is why people hate Wall Street.