The Bleed

Great piece by my friend Jory Kruspe on ‘The Bleed’:

We are starting to see a renaissance in the world of design for the web. Some may call it a trend, but from the perspective of a designer in the profession for many years, much of the current designs are being informed by an approach that has been in place for quite some time now. The approach is one that maximizes the available space in the browser and is usually characterized by the use of large photography or video. The term I will use in identifying this approach to web design is ‘Full Bleed.’
He’s absolutely right.
Since we decomissioned Adobe Flash from the heavylifting job of building websites, the combined powers of HTML5, Javascript and CSS have come a long way.
These new ‘cutting edge’ HTML5 sites use full screen video/image backgrounds and custom typography—things we were using 12 years ago in Flash (yep, I’ll be that crabby old bastard talking about the good ol’ days).
I make this point not to strip praise from all web designers doing great work today, but to point out the precedents on which today’s work builds.
Know your fucking roots.